Sunday, January 1, 2017

I have something to say!

Winter's Inspiration
I have written on one of my invariable scraps of paper a quote that says- You are what you are because you do what you do".  I don't feel that I did a lot last year and I am determined to 'DO' in 2017.

I have a plethora of supplies, books, videos, tutorials, notes, ideas and incomplete projects.  So much that I get lost in this art forest and can't seem to find a single tree that appeals.   I have no excuse.

I have time.  I have the usual household jobs, appointments and errands.  But my time is my own.

I have money.  Well, lets amend that to some wiggle room in the household budget.  ;^)

I have my health.  While the quirks of old age trip me up occasionally, I manage to maintain my motto of 'staying on my feet'!

I have not one, but two rooms to create in.  One for my fabric and sewing projects.  One for making mixed media messes.  I have organized and reorganized them to suit my personal quirks.   I may have learned something but I haven't made much.

If I haven't accomplished much over the past 12 months I have gotten a better understanding of myself.  It is perhaps called, 'facing the music'!

I am ready to roll up the sleeves on my creative smock and actually accomplish art.   I am NOT going to over think this.  I am NOT going to procrastinate. Neither am I going to join a dozen 'join me' projects.   I am going to do it.

That is my story and I'm sticking to it!


Leanne said...

Sounds great! All the best for the New Year!

Margaret said...

However you find your happy place, Elle, may it be a wonderful New Year for you and yours!


Createology said...

Elle dear I can so relate to your story. I seem to be my best "creative block" and lack actually doing things or project progression. I do know 2017 is a fresh new beginning and I am going to give my very best this year. I know you will too. We both have transistion in our futures. Creative Bliss Abounds...XO

Frances Arnold said...

Preach it Sister!!! Here's to a year of finding time to create!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Sounds like fun filled 2017!

I love crafting when ever I actually do it. :)