Friday, January 20, 2017

That kind of day

My Memory Keeper is keeping up.    Not quite finished the week but I was on a roll.  It has been an eventful week so I'll just hope for an uneventful weekend.  ;^)  

Was a week behind waiting for white printer paper but I'm printing away.  Ink is now low though.  lol 

The planner is such fun.  No stress and no planning.  I also got a download for art room planning and it confirms many of my own thoughts so I feel validated.

I am ready to tackle the archetypes journal and have a bit of a start planned.   I see the mask is upside down but I 'like' it!   All the news stories have been rather gloomy so I was happy to make art as light bulbs turned on as I worked!  Letting my light shine!

PS:  I read that making art releases endorphins; those happy feelings.  I'm a believer!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am glad you are working with that book and that Seth has inspired you, too. I look forward to following the process.

BTW, I agree about the endorphins.

Frances Arnold said...

Here, here for a quiet weekend!!! Your no-planning planner looks great!!

Createology said...

A plan and endorphins...Right On. Or Write On...