Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Ready Setty Go

I shall have supplies all prepped and ready; easily at hand.  Here is the plan.


First I am not joining anything!  Almost anything!  I really enjoyed the Wanderlust 2016.  I viewed all the classes, took notes and want more.  So I signed up again for 2017.  I don't do all the extras but I find it inspiring  and extremely informative.  So I consider this a continuation rather than a new project.

Then Seth at the altered page asked for participants for ARTifacts and I felt I could/should do this.  I don't really have to start a new thing but just continue with my own plan.

And that is it!  I have enough trouble making my own deadlines without adding those of others.

In an attempt to get ready I did not do the usual 'tear apart and put back together' studio take down.  vbsigh

I did treat my 12" by 48" work surface to a new sheet of brown freezer paper and stacked the stuff I actually use all around it which leaves the usual 12' by 18" of actual free space!   Less space, less mess, faster clean up and therefore more productivity.

 I really like the idea of having prepped images that I can see to move  around for placement!  I have stamped images with black permanent ink on deli paper and on blank pages.

 I am using double sided fusible to prep fabric, and fibre for collage elements.

I am setting handwork by my chair in the evenings.  I am happy to have rediscovered crocheting.  I also have some supplies to experiment with hand lettering.  And if I'm at all restless I have some inspirational books stacked up in lieu of library books.  :/

I dropped my camera and it has a dark spot in one corner so I'll be getting even more creative with my phone!  :[  This may have been the last one before the ooops!

Part of embracing my creative self involves my personal appearance.  I'd like to lose the old lady look.  I bought leggings and I am 'practicing' wearing them around home.  They are comfy!  I have a few short, soft, straight skirts to layer over and I have a tunic cut out to sew and to try for effect.   The Rooster isn't sure but perhaps the grey leggings that look like his long johns were not the right colour to start with.  LOL    My two grand daughters, 4 and 7 think its wonderful as they have some!  I am not comfortable enough to tackle a selfie so just let your imagination wander to a chick with long underwear on with two wee chickies in tow!  Ha!

Therefore- we shall move ahead in spite of any more oopses and begin to document my story!


Vicki W said...

Leggings are the best!

Nita said...

Good morning!
What a fun post. :) I keep hand work beside my chair, too...can't watch television in the evenings without something to do with my hands. Sometimes I think it's my most productive time of the day! Sometimes it's a quilt I'm hand quilting, or some embroidery (for one of the splendid sampler blocks lately), or some knitting or crochet. Like you. And I wear leggings and long tops almost exclusively! My favourite leggings are actually black long underwear! But you'd never know it to see me (I hope!) They're smooth, not waffle, lol. I find the grey makes my legs look lumpy...probably not actually, it's just me. And...I just ordered The Tunic Bible from Amazon so I can sew my own tunics. I've been following the progress of this book on their blog, and now it's published I can't wait to make one,

Jo Vandermey said...

It sounds like your hitting your stride! I like leggings but need to make some tunics to go with them.

Frances Arnold said...

You are all set. Cant wait to see what your come up with!!! I found two long-tailed plaid shirts at Target and they are perfect with black leggings.....they are SO comfortable!!!

Createology said...

I see leggings are unanimous...I love wearing them. Your studio and chairside look totally ready for you to be creative in every realm. Happy Documenting Dear...