Friday, January 13, 2017

an ARTifact

Seth said, " I have always wanted to create some sort of physical artist book to hold these memories.".

And I agree and I am happy to report that I have been working in my Memory Keeper for the last six months.  I liked The Happy Planner so much I got a smaller one and lots of accessories.  I can now make my own and get real creative with my memories.

The first and biggest is an 18 month planner.  I have had lots of practice as I continue into 2017.  I am not much of a planner but it is a great diary/journal.  It is also fun which is highly motivational.  I print photos and the phone gives a nice size and shape to fit.  It is a learning tool as I try to make them visual pleasing  and cohesive.

The smaller size is really a planner as I track and plan the art classes for my grand kiddies, my ideas for blog posts and art room activities.  I can try out stamps, paint/spray combos, lettering and doodles.

I can also make my own journals with the punch and discs.  This one has cereal box covers and watercolour pages.

These are my quick- life is happening as I create- journals.  They help me focus and keep the squirrel tendencies at bay.  ;^)

Then I do have a special journal for 2017.  I discovered archetypes through Seth actually,  and I have made a journal to explore who I am.

I am excited to be journaling this year!

It is a fact.  Art in fact!


Createology said...

Journaling actually is a wonderful creative vent because there are so many varied ways of journaling...and then there are probably endless ideas beyond that. I can read your happiness in this post.

Frances Arnold said...

This is a wonderful way to keep track of your life. I guess you would have to log onto G-Cal to see mine!!!