Friday, January 27, 2017

A Fly by Friday

I have had an incredibly busy week with appointments and errands.   I've hardly spent any time in my art room.

Then I joined a 5 day clothing style challenge which I thought I'd just watch and learn from.  Totally drawn in and I learned so very much.  I should have known that personal styles and design principles are not just for art or house decor!  duh!  One trip to the city held a small side trip. But that is next month's focus so more on that next month.

I did start out the week with art and red violet in mind.  But then things got complicated; not to mention busy.   I grabbed some scrap booking paper from Michael's in blue violet for March's art 101 lesson.  Contemplating the grand kiddies options for January's red violet got me experimenting with collage on a blank canvas.

I calmed it down and added light molding paste which seems to be part of my style evolution.  Not sure where this is going to go but I have time to think about it as I try to get the focus for January back on track.  But I am definitely feeling on track with discovering who I am and what's my personal style.  Happy weekend!


Frances Arnold said...

Wonderful piece!!!

Createology said...

I am intrigued with your 5 day clothing style challenge. Love the Canvas in progress. Take a deep breath and enjoy the few remaining days of January.

Beth said...

I like what you are doing and I'm interested in the clothing style challenge. Are you going to talk more about this?