Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Royal Story

Once a week I head off to see my grand kiddies,  a royal prince and his princess sisters.  We do Art 101 and then Literature Appreciation.

Having observed my rather normal (typical) grandchildren I would say it is never too young to introduce art.
Jolina, the youngest (4), was just kinda encouraged to do her own thing off to one side.  She has amazed me with her interest, ability, and fine motor skills.   Eliana, just turned seven, is messy, independent, and fearless. I might add tearless but it would be untrue as she gets quite dismayed when abilities don't match her aspirations!  Can anyone else relate?  Joshua is almost nine.  He is tidy, focused and likes the details.

I want to foster a luv for journaling.  We begin with a binder that is their planner/journal. At this point it is very visual. I also realized I need to use my motto-  KIS Students!  They don't have a limitless attention span so I must keep an eye on the clock.   Since we are always coming back to the colour wheel which has 12 segments I decided we would begin in January and do a colour a month.  A little forethought and we should hit the warm colours in time for summer.  ;^)  Sometimes I amaze myself!  LOL

Looking through the designated drawer for their supplies I realized I needed to fine tune things.  By season???   Again, not a full room sort but just a better dividing of categories.  As I search,  I reassign the stickers and scraps.  I can also see what I have in abundance (summer) and what I lack (blue violet).  :/

She has leaves figured.  House orientation not so much.

Final revision.  Lesson learned- markers are permanent!

hmm, what's between sky and ground?
The format for the actual class is an old art book.The publishing date page is missing but Art Stories * Book Three* looks to me like it predates Dick and Jane!    "Through varied pictures and interesting reading the child is made increasingly conscious of beauty of colour, form, and line as seen in nature, pictures, in all his surroundings.  Elementary ideas of drawing, painting, sculpture, design, architecture, interior decoration, costume, and civic art are thus introduced in a setting of natural child interests and activities."  Not only does it simplify my planning but it is fun!

Winter is devoted to that royal colour purple, or more correctly violet.  January is red violet.  February, the secondary colour violet, and March will be blue violet.

We finish our time together with a chapter or two.   Sometimes the children draw and colour as I read and sometimes we just snuggle and imagine the lives of royal children.  A grand story indeed!


Createology said...

Your teaching with the Grands is wonderful. Art is such an expressive medium and it is so good to see each Grand has their own individual style. I have never really studied the color wheel...may I join your class dear?

Jo Vandermey said...

A very creative idea and creative way to teach art! I think I would like to be in your classroom!

Frances Arnold said...

How fun to have such a wonderful book to use!!

Beth said...

How interesting how you have developed this art and literature program. Wish there was a desk for me (smile)