Monday, January 23, 2017

THE journal

There are some people who like to look in mirrors.  me?  Not so much.  So doing a journal titled 'All About...  me'   is a little freaky!!!   But shoot!  I'm going to be clickety click- 66 this year.  It is a transitional year.  If I haven't figured out who I am by now,  well, when will I?

I do like journaling.  I even like making journals.  So when I first crossed paths with this concept something inside me straightened right up and said, YES!

I immediately sent for the book post haste and awaited it impatiently.  I did the quiz and actually had a surprise or two but I feel very accepting of the results.

 In some ways I feel like I have been preparing for this very thing!   I did these mixed media art canvases a couple several years ago.  :O

I grabbed the journal I'd made last year for the Wanderlust journey.  I'll ignore the one page I'd managed to do.  There is always gesso but somehow I feel this is another preparation page.  But I am not wundering/wandering nor lust/lost so this will repurpose nicely.

After doing the quiz and identifying my own archetypes I felt empowered to let me come into the light and be fully revealed.  Hello, elle!  I counted up the important traits and added two more signatures which the wide spine easily accommodated.  Another 'meant to be'!   The intro of who, what, when, where, why, how and even therefore,  kinda just fell into place.  And now it is , next...

I am ready to leap into my documentary.  Maybe with only a little hesitation.  lol


Createology said...

66 is a wonderful number to be. Route 66 in America is an Icon of Classic Roads to travel. Jump in dear and reveal YOU! XO

Beth said...

Great idea. 66 is a great age and a perfect time to "refine" you you are!!!!