Thursday, February 4, 2010

focus, fiddle, FINISH

Not the whole project, but I did finish right up to the current block. This mayn't seem like much but I am very prone to doing all but the last step so doing all the blocks while I had everything out was so good.

Block two leaves some of my drafting skills suspect but I'll leave it stand for now and review it when I put them together. I redid enough of the pieces to start a good pile for my 'parts department'!

Block five is so cool. I really liked some of the examples that were posted. I considered red and navy instead of the green. It would have been great but I needed to have some more green happening.

Now to continue with the piecing plan. I'm thinking the Puzzle challenge with breaks for cranberry blocks when the brain stalls!
I'll also be rearranging the Wind and Water wip as I got a few what if's to consider.
hum, hum, hummmm

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