Monday, February 15, 2010

textured out!

Tonight is the last night for texture, I hope. We'll have another page sized challenge with tactile texture as the theme and as I forgot to take a photo of the visual challenge I'll post both when I have the second completed. I think I'll be revisiting the 3D aspect of texture when I pursue free motion embroidery.

I have been torn. I fuss over the lack of push and shove room when I MQ on my domestic machine. I figured if I sold my extra machine I could buy a sewing machine expressly for MQing. I gathered up all the accessories for my 1630 Bernina. It has 9 mm capabilities and some neat stitching features including some large motifs. As I reviewed the items I remembered why I had the machine. I also dug out my free motion embroidery books from the dusty ends of the library shelves. ooh, I'm not sure I can do this. Isn't there a proverb about moving in haste and repenting at leisure. I need to think about this some more. The trouble is: I want it all!

But here is my very tactile Victorian Crazy. It is maybe 15 years old. A wall hanging challenge with about 4 fabrics that required hand quilting. I don't do that very well. So I figured a crazy would solve my problem. Ha! I had no idea about the hand stitching, the cost of charms, silk ribbon, and beads! It amazes ME and ALL my family that I actually did this. I did try silk ribbon by machine and punctured my finger! I also used every stitch on my sewing machine.

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