Saturday, February 20, 2010


I think it is anyway. My Coop and Saucer Playroom is a creative mess. Coffee cup rings are all over my papers. The whiteboard is a maze of undecipherable squiggles.

Creative Cue is MORNING. Not sure why this was a brain stall. I am now a morning person thanks to my farmer. I am working on exuberant morning person. The roosters start crowing any time after midnight, the crazy mixed up fowl! Comes right in our window. No wonder there is no exuberant. I luv nice cups with hot, black java. I look out on the best prairie sunrises that come up thru the tops of a very large poplar bush. I think I over thanked!

So I started a zentangle. Then I felt remorse and put in the sun. Then I really felt bad and you will find the roosters in the rays- beaks, combs, beady eyes, feathers and feet. What can I say!

I found the off setting for flash on my camera. oh happy day. If a computer makes the brain hurt then I have serious cramps with the camera. Now I need to find the grey scale part.

Puzzle is putting me into shapes I'm not yet fitted for. I shoulda set my rusted fabric and every time I touch it with the iron (steam), surprises spread over the surface. No, not all good at all!

I did start on the kitchen deco. It is up for renovations this year, I hope! (fingers, toes, eyes- all crossed!) It will be yellow with lots of white. I have some placemats started with 4 patch, nine patch as the impetuous. I have dug out some coordinated FQ's that have some cranberry with the yellow. I really like making placemats, probably cause they are VERY like doll quilts!

But my motto is "It's all good!". So I'm back to making all these good morning things spread around the playroom. If crowing is good for Peter Pan, it'll help this chick.

And cock a doodle doo to all of you, too!


Vicki W said...

Exuberant will never be part of my morning routine! lol! If roosters were waking me before dawn they would lose their exuberance really quickly and would have a chicken dinner. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the morning interpretation - very cool!

Createology said...

How cool your zentangle is and incorporating the roosters in the morning sun is very clever. I love your bargello piecing you did. My husband would stuff that rooster with chorizo and roast it for dinner ala Emeril! Keep creating...