Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RE: Texture

The intro for texture was in January. It comes up again next week, with the emphasis on the more tactileness of texture. I must be a slow learner because I'm still on the visual concept. I have been thinking about Amish Quilts. So rich in their simplicity. None of their fabrics have visual texture. ??? Ah, smooth, solid, saturated with colour; is that not a texture? The bold solid colouring often found in the larger geometric shapes offer a smooth surface (2D) on which to juxtaposition intricate quilt patterns that draw us into that 3rd dimension. Stunning!
This is an early sampler I made for Machine Quilting. It is a baby quilt. Everything is done with the walking foot and a variegated thread. I've been also thinking lots about MQing. I haven't done too much these last couple of years. Part of that was a change in my set up. To my dismay I've discovered 'use it or lose it' and I feel a bit like a beginner as I bring myself back up to speed. But this time I will make sure to keep it by frequently using it!
I used to sew with a portable and put things away when the flurry of projects was done. Sewing was then a necessity, not the joy it has become. Now I want to have things out, ready to go for those creative moments.
I am going to think about texture. I'm also going to change the course of the water in the bargello because it doesn't pass the galloping horse test. I am bothered by the defying of gravity that I can see from the saddle! I am also going to think about the set up for my sewing so I can add that third dimension to my creations.

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Unknown said...

I have no doubt that by next week, you'll have a gorgeous sample (or full-sized quilt top?) to show off for texture. :D

Will answer your emails in a while, I'm meandering through blogs first, then my inbox.