Monday, February 1, 2010

Summing up and starting off!

I really felt like I stuck to the plan last week. I seldom do that so yahoo, hi 5, YES, and yippee, ETC. Good thing I'm not counting stash as I added 2 more metres, oops forgot the FQ bundle. 8^) I took in a Bernina Club class and for goodness sakes, they have an attachment that cuts out applique shapes. It is for cutwork but it works for applique.
I didn't actually finish anything and I am working on the new cranberry blocks which grew like Topsy!
The Focus for this week is piece work and I found some more fabric for Wind and Water, my WIP project. My daughter also has me making curtains. 8>[ But I do have the walking foot and they are sheers. vbsigh So this precipitated my forward thinking plan for next week'sfocus for machine quilting as a large work area helps to sew the sheers. I really like the set up here in the playroom, but I can't have MQing set up and my high/large craft table. So in a burst of energySunday evening I once again shoved and tugged. The reality was also that the large work table surface just collected clutter. So I'm back to my high counter and the large but low sewing cabinet. The gateleg craft table is now my ironing surface but I could easily downsize some of the sewing cabinet and stretch out the craft table. So I'm now good to go. And I didn't have to get rid of anything which was a very pleasant surprise.
Now all I need is some piece/peace and quiet!

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