Friday, February 5, 2010

I've got it!

I put away the fabric for the Puzzle Challenge. It works better in another idea/project. The rust dyed fabric has began to 'speak' to me. What if... Now that produced MUCH angst as I worked out what I was seeing and feeling! I hope it'll work.

Then I laid out a new setting for Wind and Water. But I omitted the top strips.

During an eye to eye contact conversation last night my eye strayed (oops) to the wip and I thought, "definitely needs more up top". Back to serious conversation. 8^)

But this morning as I swivel about and survey my domain I thought, ALL the strips!

hmm, maybe the black on top?

Cranberry blocks- 25 of them. Should I make more? ( fiddle) What is their purpose? (focus) Back to the original vision. okay, cease and desist. (finish) 15 for a runner 9 for a place mat 1 for the back of one

TGIF So great to have a week that shows Triple F can work! I'm impressed!


Createology said...

I like your strips on the waterfront scraps. Since blue is my favorite color I would keep it on top. Your cranberry blocks are pretty too. I love your "three F's". I can so relate. Keep creating...

Unknown said...

I'm serious, I want your sewing skills!! My work blasts along at light speed- until I get it under the needle and then suddenly my lack of stitching skills rears its ugly head and everything slows to a crawl while I agonize over thread color and stitch pattern. And then, like happens this week, the worst fear is realized when I screw up a beautiful piece of art with crappy sewing and crappy stitching choices.

Oh wait, this isn't about me, is it? This is your blog... sorry elle LOL


elle said...

Ah, if you were to replace the words 'sewing skills' with 'mixed media skills' you would have my very own dilemma! So what are frustrated creators to do? Guess we'll have to help each other.