Saturday, January 30, 2010

A few more drips

To finish up the last few things feels good.

A suggestion from Judi at Approachable Art had me pickling the freezer. I soaked cotton in vinegar and smoothed it onto the front of the freezer with the extra under the lid. This very old freezer has much rust happening on its surface. I LIKE!



I had hoped to try her tutorial for transforming ugly fabric but need another week for that.

Before I rolled up my cloth paper project I decided to at least cut out my sorta favorite spot. I have no idea what to do with it. It is more cardboard than fabric. But I like the image.

Then the Creative Cue for the week was rolling. I immediately thought of that song, "roll'n roll'n, rolling on the river". I'm not always sure where these things lurk in my memory but...

I am still using the water colour crayons but I upped the notch with some glitter glue. I am learning that the idea and the ability to control the medium are something to be mastered. This is very elementary but I did read that babies who miss the crawling step are somewhat compromised in their development. This art book/journal style is very appealing to me. I LIKE IT!

So that sums up my wet week. I hope the next time I have opportunity to splash in the puddles I'll be up off my knees! 8^)


Twisted Quilts said...

I love the creative clues although I have not done much with them. I am so not an artist that I would never post my drawings. Have a good day.

Createology said...

Hi Elle. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your river of ROLLING water with glitter is perfect. I don't draw so well or I might have done me and my sisters rolling down the green grassy hills we loved when we were much younger. Keep creating...

Unknown said...

Doh, I totally missed this post... I've been wrapped up in my own head for the last few days. I'm finally this morning getting around to realizing there is a world out there and I should join it now and then. ;)

Thanks for the mention, chickie. :D