Friday, January 29, 2010

Last splash

The colour theme for winter is rich cranberry and golds. Leaves move through the seasons as a constant so winter features pine needles and pine cones. The house wears its most traditional look during this time of year. With an abundance of white and bare branches outside I want things very cozy and inviting. Books for reading and candles for dreaming. And of course quilts.
Fridays are traditionally house day. Keeping with my Main Focus, which is my own projects for the house and the week's focus of wet I'm giving a peak into the bath. The walls are aqua and the theme nautical. The painted china cabinet holds my collection of blue green glassware. I really like making shower curtains with the serger. I haven't quite hit on the block pattern or fabrics I'd like so while I'm considering I divided the length of this True Romance fabric by King's Road Fabrics into two, joined them, made hems and added button holes to a reinforced top. I'll just enjoy it until inspiration comes. It is one of the few florals that survived the purge.
My understanding of the colour wheel has helped with my design decisions. The light blue green aqua walls are one tip of the Triad colour combo. The other tips are red and yellow/orange. There is very little gold but some in the fabric and the grasses. Beside red is red violet which justifies some of the grasses which are purple. The key is proportion and values.

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