Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Excuse me for barging in.

I've been doing the math. NOT my strong point.

I have way more stuff than square footage but I do I need a machine for quilting. Something has to go so I can get another thing. But winter in the geographical centre of North America is costly. i.e. heating fuel. The bank balance needs a shot of green stuff. So, I gathered together my 1630 Bernina and ALL (what was I thinking) accessories. I have begun the process of offering this whiz bang machine for sale having finally come to terms with the fact that I am not a whiz bang person and don't need bells and whistles. I need basic straight stitch with large throat space and needle down function. A little angst as I contemplate losing her but I'm sure I'll luv her replacement. I just need to crunch some numbers.

And I knew it! The moment I pitched out my files something would need looking for. Last night's quilt group meeting had us all saying yes to a bargello class. It was on my to-do list and in the not so distant past I did have a file on possibilities. My QF had taught a class a few years ago and she ran thru the generalities, showed cross stitch (?) examples and it sounded like serious math to me. whoa But I'm sure once I see it in front of me I'll smack my head, aha! But she is talking basic and I had a look at one example and sure enough I'm for adding strips and things are looking like we may be entering college math. And I'm not even supposed to be considering new stuff. I'm definitely NOT buying as that will seriously compromise any math I've already figured out.

But- the focus for the week is basic quilting and how basic is sewing strips of fabric???

I am also tossing around some deco ideas for lush, warm, rich, simple shapes for my winter theme. Bargello?

The Three Creative Studios challenge could incorporate some bargello. I dunno, but it is good to keep the options open.

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