Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Ants came marching two by two

Actually the elephants came 2x2. I spent some time playing with the grandson and his new Noah's Ark. The flood being over I returned for another look at the paper cloth and nope, that isn't even a reclamation project. I can't imagine using it for anything. Not wasted, I learned a few things.
Today I continued with the wet focus. The Technique of the Month over at Three Creative Studios is all about painting quilt batting. I had enough of the basement so I spread plastic and gave it a whirl up here in the Coop and Saucer Playroom. First step is drying but I do think I'm going to like this and the mess was minimal.
I'm back to making cranberry blocks. I misjudged the block size. I wanted 4 1/2 inch finished so I could use my square ruler but the ruler is 6 inches square not 5! oh, well; table topper rather than a runner.
... the little one stopped to tie his shoe and they all went marching down...

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