Monday, January 4, 2010

Opening the door

Fine time to think about it, but one is supposed to open the back door to shoo out the old and fling open the front door to welcome the new! This morning is the official start for the beginning of the beginning. I'm finding quite a few odds and ends that need some attention. Even a clock needed a new battery. This week is also looking like lots of prenatal doctor visits for the daughter and several meetings. That means lots of interruptions so I'm thinking basic quilting is the focus for the week. I also need to tweak the decorating scheme for the winter season. I have decided on size for the quilt challenge. (24" x 24") and format for the creative cue. (paper) I will iron the latest fabric acquisitions for putting away, pick a ufo, and turn my mind to possibilities for the challenges.

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Twisted Quilts said...

You are one busy lady this week. I never heard of opening the back door to let the old out and the front door to let the new in. It's pretty cold here for opening any doors. Of course you would call us wimps. We cringe at 30s during the day.