Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to the desert!

Whoa! I hope no one is waiting for a tutorial! Yikes! Maybe magic happens when it dries! Course it has to survive the wash! Oh, my goodness. Actually, oh my dumbness!

I read about Alchohol Dyed Intererfacing on Common Life into Art. No reflection on Kelli at all. Maybe my stuff wasn't right. low alchohol %, wrong inks (?) and definitely wrong interfacing as some of the stuff disolved in the washing. Then there was the stuff that melded to the newspaper! 8>( She did say if too much colour comes out then heat setting wasn't enough. ??? But I am pleased my $3 iron works as the scorched paper shows. (Enter son, sniff, sniff ; "what for supper???) LOL

Then there was a book study for Kelli's Stitch Alchemy book on the Yahoo Mixed Media Art Friends Group. I got a late start but thought to still do it. I did my base cloth and today was the day to saturate it with juicy colour. !!! I started with yellow and thought I'd work around the full circumference of the colour wheel. okay, plan B! Tame that lemon yellow with some pale green! Pea Soup, that's what's for supper. Go away!

Now there are a few more chapters to do. There is always hope because you can continue to add colour until everything is covered. Course it'll take longer to dry! 8~{

This was letting lovely drips run down. How many ways can drips careen down a sheer drop off? Ah, maybe a slope woulda been better! Now there are some lovely splatters on the floor. vbsigh I decided to squirt some soup over here as well.

I have decided:

1) I am messy, VERY messy. The kitchen table is not big enough; the Kitchen is not big enough for me and permanent colour. The basement laundry area is not big enough either. I'm afraid to check my good wool skirt which was hanging nearby nor my accessory shelves at the end of the work table. Any fixed walls may not be big enough. I shall look to the great outdoors.

2) My run down potting shed near the coop will be repurposed for puttering. (I don't really pot, but I can putter with the best of them) I shall do this on warm, sunny days and the chickens can advise all they want.

3) I shall reread some of these directions. Maybe some of my pages stuck together.

4) I'm beginning to think parfait dyeing is really, really easy.

5) Coffee isn't doing it! I may need a bit of the bubbly! After all, it is dry in the desert!

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Unknown said...

Oh wow, the coop will be a labor of love, I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Heading into email to answer your letter, now.