Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going for texture

This is another page sized art quilt. The challenge was shapes. The idea I originally had will be better served when we do values so I had to do some quick thinking and my little IKEA figure kinda winked at me so...
This is fused shapes, circles and ovals. The background I like but I could have chosen a better binding. I was looking for that greenish tone in the fabric and the mottles in the brown weren't significant enough.
Now I just couldn't resist a little contrasting picture here to my energetic little running man.

Isn't she just the sweetest little quilterette you've every seen. Not at all worried about big brother who likes to be on duty close by!

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Twisted Quilts said...

What a cutie pie! Don't you just want to squeeze her? I love the way she has her hand under here head. When I look at her I can just imagine that she was laying in her mother's womb in the same position. I would find it hard to put that sweetie down.