Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I kinda feel like I'm wading thru slough grass. But I'm almost on to firm footing. Even extra curricular activities shouldn't stop progress. My house is my own again. I'm just hitting full stride and the phone announces overnight guests are dropping by tomorrow. I shall not become bogged down. 5 priorities a day; the next thing first. 8~o
Three Creative Studios is continuing with The Discipline in Creative Discipline and I realized my to-do lists are too big, too vague and too inaccessible. I think the white board up above my computer table here in the playroom and a master list in the house binder should work. The white board has focus for the week and 3 sections- DO, Doing, and Done. And so easy to write on, maybe I should have the master list this accessible.
I missed the Creative Cue deadline but I did do it. East- kinda primitive but I can improve This medium, water colour crayons is also new to me. I have a spiral sketchbook and this is all about fiddle and finish! This week's is heel and I do have an idea.

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Twisted Quilts said...

I have really enjoyed reading Three Creative Studios essays. I am a list maker but I feel like at some points in my life I was a slave to my lists. The white board is a great idea. I have a pad on my fridge which I use. I have a great idea for this weeks clue.