Sunday, January 24, 2010

Summarizing Sunday

I have thought about Stash Busting. It involves math. It also is so NOT me to itemize things. I got rid of a huge amount of floral fabrics. I feel I did considerable busting last year. I have a physical limit that I seem to give heed to. So, no stash counting. But I need to track projects finished and projects started. Not much math is involved in that. Since I have so many ufo's already my goal will be to end up the year with more finished than started. Now the bad news is that I started a new project. But it does fit with my deco goals, is small, and kinda innovative for me. I can work on it during dry times. The FOCUS for the week- wet projects in fabric dyeing and mixed media.

To jump start tomorrow I need to leave my playroom a little tidier than this photo shows it to be. These are the cranberry colours and an accent that has pine needles and cones. I need a table runner for the oak table. With so much whiteness outside I luv to look at deep rich colour tones. It has been a good Sunday.


Twisted Quilts said...

I love the cranberry colors, perfect for a dark dull winter day. I am not into stash busting either. I am definitely not into stash counting.

Unknown said...

Pretty fabrics.

RIP florals. ;)

Tonya said...

More projects finished than started. That sounds like a great goal for the year. I love the colors you are working with.