Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday is for...

... all those f words!
Flinging! I seem to have been accumulating piles of stuff that are here, there and everywhere. I'm also thinking that I have piles of plans and thoughts that are stacking up in the nooks and crannies of my mind. So it is time to plug in the vacuum and suck up froth, sweep away the frivolous and sort focal points.
Vacuuming is one of those chores that engages the mind and hands but frees up some part of me to refocus, evaluate and inspire. I'm feeling like a lot of things are leaning on me but I'm not sure what pile will be solid enough for me to use to realign myself. So the vacuuming kinda exposes the solidity of the foundations. As I move thru the rooms I can be evaluating where I want to be when Spring is over.
I have figured that Spring is a busy time for me so I need to make sure that the flower beds are all ready in the fall. The weather is uncertain and often I have quilt show deadlines that collide with perfect spring days. I have received a reminder that the 165 tree and shrub seedlings I ordered last year are arriving in May and I need to find where I put the landscape plan that tells me where they will be putting down their roots. I have flung all my elaborate plans for less than hardy greenery and hot house flowers. These are from the agricultural department and are native to my prairie. Now my farmer has done the math and knows how long it takes to dig holes, plant, water, weed and maintain for their initial start. I didn't listen real well and even I am a bit horrified. 165? Whoa! So it would be good to find that diagram as moving them twice is really going to be frowned upon by 'he who digs the holes'!
A closing out sale at the local quilt shop means I need to have a plan for Fabric buying. I do have the spring deco plan somewhat nailed down and summer is usually easy to do with the quilts and fabrics I have on hand. Fall is going to be wonky and quirky so I can be thinking about that as I move from room to room.
The laundry baskets will be passing each other as rumpled replaces neatly folded. I do need to consider the current Fashions. I felt a little dowdy as my good friend and I whisked around town the other day. A new pair of summer sandals, some kool shades, and a spiffy tote bag would help. I've added a garment sewer to my blog roll. The cute kiddy pattern stuff I really hope to pass on to the sewing mother of my grandkids. And since they'll be looking 'too cute' how can I look any less! vbsigh
Recipe books are not my favorite read. But I need to avoid gluten and adapting recipes and experimenting with substitutions is something I find very painful. I have been copying and saving recipes that appeal. I should focus on food at some point this spring so I can get some quick snacks in the freezer.
I also need to fling a few of my commitments. I like the Three Creative Studios challenges. The Common Threads Quilt group is not negotiable. But I'm thinking that is enough and I'll just have to finish up the rest and try to keep my hand down in the future.
In spite of the "awk, I'm feeling scattered", I do feel that focusing and flinging are really the words for me as I continue on thru the seasons of 2010.
Now, what if... I just focus and fling and forget about following my feelings?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been busy! Don't know if you like choc brownies, but I use this recipe (gluten and dairy free) and even though the ingredients sound a little odd, it makes the best brownies ever!