Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time to Spring into action

... and find my wallet! grrrr I'm having a senior moment as to the last moment I had it.
Timmy's! ...
But not there nor anywhere else I've looked. Hence no progress but the playroom is tidier although why I'd have it here, beats me!

So here are some very current photos of what we look like in spring. The weeping willow at the house is coming along.

These little tiny bright blue flowers are bulbs of some kind, chinadoxia, I think.
'These yellow flowers are crocus but not our native variety which is purple.
The other colours of the cultivated varieties come much later.

This native willow is part of the view to the fields and where the new fence will be making the boundary for the yard. This is a pretty typical prairie slough and I have no business making ruts back here so the sheep are going to be coming to spend some time here.

And speaking of sheep, we've had our first lamb yesterday. I neglected to ask the sex but alive, unassisted, and bonded is a good start! Just wait till the grandson arrives! 8^)


Unknown said...

Lovely photos, Elle, I love getting a tour around your home... it helps me place the email "voice" to her environment! :D

Yvonne said...

Baby lamb, how lovely! I have a friend who has goats and just had about 15 babies born. Had three in the house in a playpen at night and they were being bottle fed. Soooo cute. they are growing up fast.