Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Springing

Spring on my personal calendar begins April 1st. No fooling! So I have been hard at the spring cleaning. And the flinging! The good reasons I had for keeping stuff have been brought into the bright light of day and examined. The what if's... Most of the reasons were pretty poor and pathetic. So I'm happy to report that I am a liberated woman. The house is feeling fresher as well as lighter and brighter!

Decorating has been my first luv. But now I have seconds, thirds, fourths... And time just seems to be whipping around the clock face, thru the calender pages, and slamming the yearly journals shut at the same speed as poles pass by a train window. So these luvs need to be given their day in the sun and not much more. So this week I have been focusing on the spring decor. I can hardly believe I spent one whole day in my corner of the basement. But that is where I've stored my accessories and where I have newly collected most of the donations for the local thrift shop. Dear hubby is right! When something comes in, something needs to go out! And I do have my favorites and usually they just move about the house rather than spending time in their parking garage with all the other STUFF. Most visitors won't notice any difference but I know the difference. Drawers aren't bulging, shelves aren't groaning, and closets are no longer avalanche hazards. Yay for spring flings!

I'll be posting the rooms most Fridays. That is usually my cleaning day and things are looking pretty chic for the weekend.

The April showers are surely here. So I need to be turning my thoughts to the flower beds. The chickens have been out and rearranging them. They need to be rounded up and escorted to their summer home. Then there will be the inventory check to see what has survived, then raking, and mulching. I will also need to spread about all the garden accessories. I'm really hoping to be ahead of the dandelions this year but it is really all about playing around, isn't it!
Now my Carly, (big sister) shouldn't really be out on her bike. Joshua has broken her glasses and she can't see too well without them. But I do have a big yard and the chickens need scaring away. Emily Hannah (the tomboy) is checking out the new bookcase that needs assembling. She tends to hang out in the Sunshine room and it will be going in there to hold Joshua's books. Little Mariella has taken off her tea party dress and put on her windbreaker because she wants Carly to let her try riding this year.
So April showers are washing away the dust, freshening the air and showering down blessings. I hope I'm not the only one with a basketful.


Createology said...

This is a wonderful post. My DH has a similar rule: "Volume In, Volume Out!" I am a pack rat but not a hoarder. I don't want to throw anything away because soon I miss it or need it. I love your "big sister" in her rain slicker on her bicycle. Too cute! Happy Springing...

Unknown said...

I've had exactly 30 seconds at any given time to myself, so when I took one of those brief increments to read your blog, I was so glad I had... the vignettes alone are with the price of admission. :D

I think he's coming home today and if so, I'll be settling in to the computer for a long afternoon of answering emails. I can't believe how many have piled up. I've read all of them but haven't taken the time to get to answering them yet.

Thanks for the lovely post, it soothes the soul.

Anonymous said...

I've done a mini spring fling recently (well, very mini as it was only one room), and I totally agree with you - the difference isn't hugely obvious but it feels so good to have done it!