Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sheer Frustration

These sheer curtains for my daughter's living room window are a pain in the patootie! By the time I figure out all the tricks it'll be all done. There is a slight danger they may become valances. I keep trying to straighten the hem. I decided I'd just take them as is. They can get them all level and I brought home the grandson so they can do that. He co0nsiders this window his. It looks out onto a school playground and the whole world of emergency, work vehichles, and school buses drives by. When they have all level I'll sew the final seams and hopefully the drapery part of my sewing career can come to a close. But we went to the thrift shop and well, yes, I can dye those cotton pillows for you! awk! What was I thinking!
I did take our quilt show posters with me to disperse. I held my breath in the quilt store and resisted all efforts to laden me down with fabric acquisitions but one. I do like writing on fabrics. Then I learned that they are moving so... Now I need to save up for the 'soon to be announced' sale as they carry good qualityfabric, fresh modern prints and great blenders! They wanna be gone in 2 months. oh, dear!
It also looks like I need to get my camera manual out again.


Createology said...

You must learn the word NO so you have more time for you and your creative endeavors. That said, enjoy the little ones while you can and it is wonderful to do things for others. :o)

Twisted Quilts said...

I like having sheers at my front windows but I agree with you they are a pain.

Unknown said...

I loved this post as much because I, too, hate sewing window coverings (despite the fact that I always seem to be doing it) but also for your description of your trip into the store... glad to know I'm not the only one easily swayed by beautiful stuff + a fantastic sale. ;) My studio is stuffed full with such purchases lol.