Friday, April 9, 2010

Sailing into Spring

The garden beds are beginning to wake. I'm feeling the call of the garden. Things are still very brown but the green is emerging.

The spring decor begins with the bathroom. I've put up the old shower curtain because I gave away the spring greens patchwork one to my daughter. I should have taken a photo. But the bathroom reflects a nautical theme and the new picture has a chair amongst the beach grasses and sail boats on the lake. Fitting for sailing into the spring season.


Twisted Quilts said...

I really like the way you change your decor as the seasons change. I am all thumbs when it comes to decorating.

Unknown said...

I'm with Nana (above) I think it's bold and sassy that you change your decor with each season... one of the things I like so much about you. :D