Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Musing!

One thing for sure; if I've identified my muse she likes the fun stuff! LOL

I really have been working! The Passage Challenge made it thru the portals. I need a good photo opportunity so I can post for the deadline.
Then I started the quilt show challenge because I thought I could practice the leaves for the Wind and Water wall hanging at the same time and ho, ho, HO! We have some kind of jungle tree. The leaves are cut from the challenge fabric which is Wings of Desire by the Woodrow Studio, London, England. It's looks like parrot feathers to me in blues and greens. Somehow I kept thinking leaves. Now the grand kids have a jungle theme happening in their room and I thought, "what the hey...". I have a striped blue and a green polka dot for the undersides. Fun! I might need to squeak in a few fuchsia flowers for the girl side. But I was just practicing leaves and it'll be all put together later. So now I'm thinking, maybe not so big leaves and maybe some metal leaves for Windy.
I have my bargello flapped out and a backing is awaiting approval. I'm set up for MQing so this should go quickly except I need a super inspiring quilt scheme. yoo hoo, A musing???

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Unknown said...

Ele, this is a great tree!!