Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day Tripping

I'm taking a break from the yard work.

Monday sees a day trip to deliver the latest baby quilt. DD and the Grand kiddies and I shall see how the grass is growing in the south west part of the country. Then Saturday is ZOO day. Yippee Skippy! My farmer says except for the next 2 weddings we are NOT giving up any more weekends! ;^) We'll see, much as I do agree with him.

In between I have grass to cut. I watered just about all that I needed to water with the kids helping as we drove the lawn mower and the little trailer all around the yard. Good combo- water, pails, motorized wheels and a hot day. They did desert me when the grand farmer had better things happening. lol

But I think I'm done with the yard and I'll be contemplating furniture refinishing projects for the veranda. I'll be thinking of colour combo's as my wheels spin 'round and 'round!

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