Monday, July 4, 2011

A First for July

Shhh! In spite of the fact that many of the areas of our province are facing more flooding issues it is looking like we actually could be making hay, and good hay, on time for the first time in years. And the winter wheat... lush. We are experiencing HOT and dry. Horrible for sleeping in this old farmhouse but very welcome to our high, saturated water table.

The grand kiddies are up to date with hugs. And I'm ready for whatever normal looks like around here.

I'm a tangent kind of person so a different day for different hobbies is NOT going to work. VBSigh. I'm really not sure I can blame age on my declining multi tasking skills. I'm very spontaneous (maybe excitable) but just kind of an all in or all out personality. So I think I need to flow with that.

The yard needs a serious weeding and I pointed the kiddies to the garden tools and we did make some progress but this week I need to really make progress. But the heat and humidity means early mornings mostly. But my age also deems it wise to balance all the physical activity with less strenuous exercise. So glad my various creative interests are not muscle builders. lol

So I'll be machine quilting the comfort quilt which is probably going to be not much better than being out in the garden, sweat shop wise. But I do have a fan!

So July is up on the calender and it is looking like a hot one and I hope that is more than just temperature! ;)


Unknown said...

Happy July, sweetie. :D said...

Beatiful garden photo!!
Hey... so THAT'S where my watering can went! Someone stole mine from my front yard! :-(
-not saying it was you of course.
Monika in Saskatoon