Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tangent

Looks like Tuesday's will be the start of my week. I keep a grand child on Sunday and the return trip is Tuesday. A 3 year old boy and an 18 month old girl. We are on the move a lot! I'm learning to go with the flow while they are here and when they aren't here I'm learning I can work in the yard in the mornings and then have the afternoon and evenings for the 'fun' stuff. But I can't switch back and forth to cover all my different want to's in one week. Hence the need for tangents.

I'll always quilt but anything else will happen in tangents, dedicated blocks of time that last till the keenness wains or another bright idea overpowers and demands equal time. Now I am influenced by weather and supplies so there are some parameters.

I can read the signs of a creative breakout. ;) While working on the MQing for the comfort quilt and soothing my poison ivy itch I did some revamping in the playroom. Nothing major just added a couple of more rolling shelves and I made better curtains for the window. I'm also learning I create better in a quiet, calm, atmosphere and although I adore collectibles I'm better to keep things simple in the playroom as all my paraphernalia is more than enough in the accessorizing department. But I definitely had a little tangent happening; a kind of precreative warm up!

So the binding is on the cutting board and then I want to use my new couching feet.

I want the yard tangent to be done but I think there are many more wheel barrows to come.


The month of July has been designated veranda month by the Rooster.

The fellow who built our 1930's farmhouse and barn knew what he was doing. The barn roof line is straight and the house hasn't shifted much as the plaster hasn't changed much.

But the veranda! Whole other story and this is the year/month we deal with the constant fluctuations as it trys to pull away from the main house.

So while I'm a 'gofer' on the major fixing I'll also try for my own brand of fixing as I get some of my decorating and accessorizing for the veranda done this month as well. I did have a good start. Now to finish it up.


Twisted Quilts said...

Oh yes when you have two that age there is nothing to do but devote your time to them. The way I look at it is that they will soon not want to spend time with Nana and I will miss them. Looks like lots of yard work to come.

Createology said...

Hi Elle: I am still playing catch up from being gone 9 days with no internet. By now hopefully your itch is much better. Your comfort quilt is beautiful. I am out in the yard each day also...pulling weeds is never ending. Mr. C is planting me a shade garden with hostas and a new hydrangea. Maybe the deer won't jump our new fence to eat these this time. I am wishing you calmness as you tackle those tangents...