Friday, July 22, 2011


... did the plough say to the tractor? Pull me closer, John Deere. Farmers' humour! ;^)

Thursday's tangent was to ignore the gale force winds that blew things over and around, dropped tree branches, dispersed the heat and to get that baby quilt sewn together.

All the horizontal quilting was done and I kinda liked the look.

But this will be washed lots so I stuck to the plan to outline each square.

It kind of works for the plaid on the back. I used a variegated thread on the back ,

and the front.

This was a quick quilt so I had used the envelope finish and after taking the front picture decided to add one more row of stitching to the edge. hmm, I'm thinking I could have lengthened my stitch more.

Today I'll be on my little lawn tractor, not green but I'll be cutting the green. And the brown. The farm yard has been grazed by the sheep this past week and they have better stuff to eat so they have been pretty choosy about what's been offered. So I'm the clean up crew!


Lesly said...

"Pull me closer, John Deere!" Ha ha ha hilarious!

Createology said...

I love the Farmer funny. Your quilt is perfect. The little one should get many years of use from this labor of love. Stay hydrated dear... said...

ooooooh pretty! gosh love the way that sunlight hits the yellow quilting.

ps my daughter had the same tractor : )