Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Five by twelve

Amazingly, I got my five things done by lunch time! Must be a first. Of course that now gives me lots of time to worry! More on that later.

I have computer time in the morning and I realized I could do some altered page prep while some of the sites load. Multi tasking.

I wanted to try using a doily as a stencil. I definitely need more practice.

Then I gathered up my various cans of spray paint and sorted through the old paint cans in the basement. Threw out two, set aside two and felt fabulous to have started to edit my paint department. I will never save paint cans again. I'll pour the extra into plastic peanut butter jars and label. Better than rusty lids and painted labeling. sheesh

I have some paint from the laundry area. Possibly the tables.

I have 1 can of spray paint and got 4 on sale yesterday- celery. Should do the 2 chairs.

I have a yellow for the high chair but I may hold out for a gold. Hmm, maybe I need to look to see if there is any sunshine room paint left.

I do have a darker yellow for the shelf.

And I have some bathroom paint left for the bench. I also want to learn to antique/distress and I have some paste wax to experiment with.

Now I've warned my rooster I need a place to try spray painting again so hopefully he'll come up with a good idea. Shoot! Seems like all the DIY Bloggers all do it, so why can't I???

So with big ideas on my mind I...

... did get on the mower and cut grass. The old garden is now grass but you can see where the new pasture will be for the sheep. So I gained some grass but I also lost some grass. That fluffy stuff is foxtail barley and not very edible. But the grass is pretty brown right now so at this point it is all one level and done!

My rooster is beginning to catch on to landscaping and now has opinions. :( He wanted a stately tree in the centre of the old garden. ??? We do need to break up the wind so what the hey, go for it!

Dear grandson and I forgot to shut a gate and this is what the sheep thought a feature tree should look like! Hopefully it'll bounce right back and bush out like that big willow in the background.

But the bad news is that while I was dreaming of my painted furniture I chewed up and did not spit out a 50 foot real rubber water hose. oops! He who keeps the books is going to be entering my transgression on the debit side of the ledger! ;^)


Createology said...

Hi Elle: I just love reading your posts. I am busy catching up from having company for a week. You are really getting a lot done each day. Me? Well I better get off this computer if any of my chores are going to get done. :o)
Sunshine Summer Smiles to you dear...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Catching up on your adventures and loved all you did before noon. It's too hot to be outside for me, but I am glad you got your paint dealt with, among other things. Sorry about the garden hose. Those things happen, unfortunately.