Wednesday, June 26, 2013

wow working

The first wow, although they aren't on my worktable, is my peonies.  Good thing I decided to cut and bring this first lot into the house because...

we got seriously hit with wind, rain and hail very shortly thereafter.  I won't be watering the garden nor working in the flowerbeds any time soon.  whoa!  Can you see the water on the new field of oats in the background?  :O   And I thought the mosquitoes were bad before.  Now the field ones will be arriving to visit their city cousins!  :(

I have become aware that fabric stashes have nothing on paper and ephemera!  oy!   It has settled into and overflowed about five spots so I need to find a plan to contain and have them readily accessible.

And I think stamps are closely related to bunny rabbits.  Talk about multiply!  I didn't even open the deep drawer at the bottom which has stamp making material.  I just learned this week about hot moldable foam which should surface from where I've hidden it soon! lol  But do notice I have two empty drawers!   Some sub category will be getting its own space.  ;)

One snag to having a clean work surface every night has been the pages and pages of mixed media that needs drying.  I awoke with an image of unused real estate in my playroom.  The Rooster had added legs to support the leaf extension on my worktable.  These very old Ikea chests have lovely shallow drawers but they don't quite come to the edge of the tabletop.  I hung a clothes line!  Three cheers for dreaming!  Creatively!!!   These are the pages of the butterfly book the girls and I are working on for Creativity 101. They are gonna be so impressed when they come today.  lol

Today is scrap booking and I have a bit more sorting to do.  I am pleased to see like grouped with like.  I am also finding stuff I'd forgotten about which is why I need to group things.  I am determined to put a moratorium on shopping for a while. sheesh!  

The work table is getting cleared and hopefully every night it will be clear.  Under the work table is becoming organized.  I'm a piler so I am trying to eliminate places to pile and have a drawer system that is the easiest for me to actually use.  The games I play but hopefully they work.  ;)  That would really be a WOW!

hmmmm?  Now I'm wondering why I can't have peonies on my worktable!   lol


MarveLes Art Studios said...

good thing is right! wowzers. and i love that butterfly line! nice touch, and so very practical as well!!! {that's a great idea for a magazine article, don'tcha think - hint hint?!} and yes, we do need to stop buying! {i'm with ya, and so far... not as good as it could be!!!} but i'm working on it!


Createology said...

Lovely Peonies and thankfully you brought them inside before the storm. Your organizing is fabulous! It will make your ability to create such a smooth and enjoyable process (says she who needs to de-clutter!) I love the butterfly line. No space is protected from being utilized. Blissful Creativity 101 today dear...

Margaret Applin said...

It would have been a shame to lose those! Love peonies!!! I wish I could also start dreaming as creatively as you do!!

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

So glad you are getting to enjoy those gorgeous peonies! Good luck not buying more tools of the trades - I can’t seem to stop either.