Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Humming along

Hmmm, if I am going to declutter and soothe and simplify I will need to get rid of some of my good 'junk'.

To paint this room is not anywhere near the top of the to-do list but with company coming I need to hide that mess of nail holes I put in trying to arrange pictures. I threw this quilt between the two book cases.  Whoa!  I LIKE!  I immediately thought I should paint the book cases green with aqua on the inside. 

A little reality check but I couldn't let the idea go.  I have to clean these shelves.  While they are empty what if I carefully taped the sides and 'just' painted the back?   :O  Hmmmm!

So when I got the vacuum I got a quart of paint just in case I have time to do that.  Need I suggest that the vacuum is humming to a faster paced song now! lol


Leanne said...

Quilts sure do look good on walls don't they, that was a great idea for a spruce up. I wonder what you decided with the shelves.

Createology said...

Brilliant idea to hang the quilt between the cases. Your space is really humming along. I can almost hear you whistling while you la la dear.