Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I am trying not to over heat as we experience a heat wave.  whoo!   I need to make up some samples with little tutorials for DD#1 and get these all into a 12 x 12 box and sent away!  The box is going to be a challenge in itself.

I started plain and simple. This youngster is now five and trying to get the front wheel of his two wheeler up off the ground like the big boys!  :O  Posting these is great.   hmmm?  I may need to find some upward motion to the space to the left of the bicycle.  I could make a u-turn and stamp some arrows in front of the bicycle!

Another painted white page (gelatos) with design decisions based on an oops! lol  The yellow dots are over kill but are down for good . ;)

 I decided not to guild the lily on this one.  The black page was a black and white pad I spontaneously grabbed.  It is sure gonna be useful!   

The gal in green was specifically to demo buttons.  The lettering should be more prominent so I also explain the not so good and how it can be improved. This DD is a perfectionist so I want her comfortable with 'good enough' as she learns.  I also forgot to 'thread'  the button holes!  Sorry for the blur.  I am working deadlines.  :(

Lots could make this better but I was limited to the size of her pages, the size of the photo and the pertinent area of the map I adhered with gel medium to the page.  I also believe that not every page should be a star as memories have the precedence.

I do have a few more great ideas to try and then I need to make the kits and find that box. 

I am very anxious to pick up where I 'leaved' off!   The stencils are cut and next will be the foam stamps. :)


Createology said...

This is a wonderful gift of your time and talents and tutorials...what ifs and what nots. Love the pages dear...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Great pages! There is a lot of inspiration in that box. She's a lucky girl.