Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Its a coming

My mojo is coming along with a big burst.  I am ready for decluttering and the general 'get er done' stuff!  yippee  Nothing like surprise company to make things happen and asap!  lol  Doesn't matter.  Whatever it takes.

The rain is coming but the grass is all cut.  The Rooster hit the bargain want ads early and brought home that second lawnmower we have talked about for a back up.  It is smaller and slower but it got the big job done while the Rooster sawed and hammered away.  Almost done the main fence and then we can figure the entrance gate insert. 

With the outside coming along and looking presentable I am turning my attention to all those dust bunnies hiding in the corners of the house.  I'm off to run a few quick errands in our little town's new hardware store and I'll be coming home with a new vacuum.  The vacuum makes the music for my happy place.  It blots out the world and I can sing and clean and dream and declutter and no one bothers me!   Sorry, I didn't hear the phone!  ;)

Changes are a coming!


Createology said...

A white picket fence? Now I am lawn green with unattractive envy. You really are humming along dear...

Leanne said...

I hope that you are having fun, your yard looks great.