Friday, October 16, 2015

After the thanks

Thanksgiving was a rainy day but it started off in the wee hours with VERY strong winds so the shed rehab took a step backwards.  A little more dampness to add to the day but all is not lost. Just flattened.  Hindsight says it shoulda been secured together better but we had a few other projects to wrap up.  Prairie winds- sometimes I don't appreciate them!

The vitamins are still fueling the ambition.  Tuesday morning I spent time editing a goodly portion of the basement.  I had all kinds of boxes and bags in the veranda to take away.

 Part of the editing is in my accessory shelves and I realized that I've got some purple articles intended for the fall decor so I am changing up the hall.
I have felt a major AHA in my understanding of decorating this year.  I need a 'boring' backdrop so I can let my accessories spread the seasonal bliss.  I think a sisal runner would work.  And homemade pillows!  :)

I gessoed my red flowers and I'm not sure these are finished but I'm pretty excited about them.  I have always wanted our home to reflect us!   BTW, all those drawers are for the Rooster's clutter/stuff!  ;^)

 I need the Rooster to mount the glass fronted cabinet above the small table.  And yes, definitely spiffier pillows!

The ...And Then We Set It On Fire blog  is featuring Kelly Hendrickson and I thing her approach is wonderful and certainly confirms what I've been feeling is a great way for me to mix things up in my journal.  But what if I made a fall wall hanging?   I am trying to find a piece of fibre bark I made but as it is I likely have too much stuff.   I wanna start that next week.

 I need a new lap quilt for the sitting room.  I have a kit of shot fabrics and a tree pattern.  I am hesitant to start a new project with all those UFO projects hanging over my head.  And then there is the series. :O  I can't start till next week so I will think this through as I work on sewing my square in a square series. 

I've been very much motivated as I settle into the Wednesday and Thursday focus for Art 101.  I am back working on my own smash books, sketching and journaling.  woo hoo!

The third Thursday of the month is sketching with the grand kiddies.  With the inclement weather we'll be doing it at their wonderful library.  :)  Thursday is a big day for the kids.  Art, then skating and then choir.  Tires me out, I don't know about them!  :O

Finally I got to try Zoomba!   I luv the music but the moves are gonna be a challenge.  If its okay to fake it till you make it,  I'm gonna poomba till I can zoomba !   Every second week I'm going to zoom around the gym with my energetic workmates!  :)   I may not get out of bed tomorrow though!  ;^)

It was a bit of a short but rushed week.  I'm thankful I got as much accomplished as I did.  :)


Jo Ferguson said...

I need some of your vitamins. You've been busy and productive. Sometimes we can be one, without the other. Nice to see the photos of your home, it looks so warm and inviting.

Createology said...

Wow elle! You are so full of energy and plans and finding what is your Creative Bliss. Zumba is los of fun and I really miss it. I am not able to do it because of my back issues. Take time to pamper yourself dear.

Margaret said...

Yep; I agree re: your vitamins. I'm on 'em, but yours must be a special brand! ;-)

We too had high winds; took down a limb from one of my Mountain Ash, but I am thankful nothing! Glad you're safe!

Beth said...

Happy Thanksgiving Elle. Your place looks great!