Saturday, October 3, 2015

Alright Autumn

With some help from the grand kiddies, I put some fall decor in place.  We had a very severe frost so it is time to clear everything up and put things away.  Both the Rooster and I are looking forward to a slower pace.

We have one last project on the go.  We needed to put two low sheep sheds together to make a garden shed for the lawn mowers and what not.  Elaina thought it would make a good play house and is asking about having at least one half of it!

I gathered up all the school art stuff.  The art books from last year are bound and ready for return.  This year we'll be doing smash books and I got lots of goodies from the closing sale of the local scrapbook store to document the coming school year.   Now to get the ink into the printer so we can add photos. 

I'd hoped to sort my stencils for the  rack I got but that didn't seem a good use for it so I'm rethinking hanging stencils with J hooks.  I bought an acrylic shelving rack to cut into clear stamp pads for those cling back stamps. A $3 quick fix if the Rooster has the right saw blade.   I got an extra to try as a work surface as they are sloped.

I need to start picking warmer places for The Artist Date. Brr, the water pen could have froze up!   :O

I also spent a day trying to get some chronological sense out of my quilting history.   I'm looking for clues to determine what has influenced me and how that will translate into new experiences.  I tend to look ahead rather than back so this is very interesting.

Alrighty!  Lets see how this colourful season translates into projects.  :)


Margaret said...

Good for you for documenting your quilting history in hard copy. I've tried but never managed it -- ditto for knitting projects. I seem to find it easier to track my quilting online (blog) and knitting too (

Happy Autumn!

Createology said...

Autumn is looking lovely at your home. Every little girl really must have a playhouse and anything is better than nothing. Time for a warm sip of your favorite beverage while you ponder and sort through memorablia. Creative Bliss Dear...

Nita said...

i am sitting in bed with my Sunday morning cup of coffee, browsing all the blogs that came into my inbox over night, scrolling down thru your post, looking at the pictures with half my brain, thinking about who-knows-what with the other half of my brain when I get to the bottom. Documenting your quilt history. I've meant to do that, too. Only mine isn't as convoluted as your probably is because I've made waaaay fewer quilts, lol! My room mate Paula (who you can see on a blog a couple of posts ago) had a home made quilt on her bed in our dorm room in university in 1979. She made it herself by sewing two sheets together, tucking an old blanket inside and then tied with yarn every 10" to hold it all together. That was the first time it occured to me that one could actually sew a quilt. Ha!

And then I spied that little mini pinwheel quilt in your photo. Is that a mug rug??? I am getting out of bed right this minute to go and make one just like it. Love!

Beth said...

No frost here but I'm in indoor mode already.

Jo Ferguson said...

We're starting to get frost so I need to finish up a bit....ok...a lot of gardening before I head indoors. I've always been told to journal my finished projects as I go but I've never managed too. I think it's great that you're doing it now.