Friday, October 9, 2015

week review

We were sitting having supper the other night  and I excused myself to capture the westerly sunset that was causing the birch to glow!  After I sat back down I thought, oh, that's even better but the Rooster had been wondering if the chickens were back in the flower beds so his supper was getting cold, too!  :)

ah!  I've figured out where these 'odd' pictures are coming from.  There is a painting setting on my camera!  kinda cool  And it helps disguise my morning pages. ;^)

The vitamins are definitely upping my motivation factor.  One big one is a multi multi.  One is a vitamin C because the Rooster is coughing and sneezing and I have NO time for down time.  The other big one is a free form amino acid and I think that is doing good things.  I also have some liquid B and a B6 'cause my right hand is kinda twitchy and I have no time for carpal tunnel issues!
Hopefully I can eliminate some of these as time goes on.  I must have been depleted somehow.

But I definitely felt great this week!

I managed to get the 'chores' done without entering into full house overhaul which is my way of procrastinating. I kept an eye on the clock for where I was at on the list.  Kinda deadlines to keep me moving forward and not stuck procrastinating on unimportant stuff.

 I did get a bit more fall decorating done.  It is recommended to light the candles and turn on lamps for decor pictures but I'm not seeing the yellow ball as cozy so...  :P

I got a journal spread done and a box of inspiration for the next pages.  In fact I have a second spread started in another book.

I am mulling over rail fence influences for the next treasure but that is still in the thinking stage.

We wrapped up last year's colour art book and signed the 'I am an artist' page.  :)

Then I handed out the new books for this year.  I'd taken portraits for the first page and then they got their first spread organized and glued down.  Josh needed to list his favourite subjects and he wanted to know how to spell the boy next door's name.  lol  Thursdays are busy days.  We do art before lunch.  Then a quick bite and we are off to hockey, free skate, and choir with the local home schoolers. I think that makes me a hockey gram'elle which makes me a regular grandma but 'cooler'!   :^)  I don't do anything but collapse Thursday evenings! :/

I got a busy and sewed.  I figured out the sewing block- as in stalled.  An audio teaching/lesson/sermon keeps me at the machine till the end and I often press next!  I got all my fabric cut.  I'm sewing one quarter of the top (25 blocks) at a time so I get good fabric mixes, at least I hope so.  This is a fabric kit and I'm about four fabric pairs short so I'm hoping my additions add a spark to the mix.  We'll see but there is no time yet to evaluate.  Head down, pedal to the metal and sew!   woo hoo!!! 

Now to continue the forward motivating!


Createology said...

My goodness dear you are in hyper warp speed getting so much done this week. I think you are taking a miracle pill for energy. I love seeing what the Littles are doing in their art time. Focus is what you are doing to organize and achieve all of these wonderful tasks. Gram'elle you are cool!

Jo Ferguson said...

You have been motivated this week. I'm glad to hear you're feeling so well. Love the journal page and the way your new quilt is coming along.