Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Journal Joy

I am back to journal pages again.  I have found a better way of working!  It makes me JOYFUL!

I had started this layout and kinda stalled at what to do next.   Sometimes I just call it done,  leave it for another day and start a  new page.

 As I've been gathering stuff up when I clean my playroom I started realizing that bits and pieces were good journal fodder which I set aside. hmmm!  What if I made up smaller challenge boxes???  So I gathered together a collection in a box  and finished my page from the contents.  mostly!

I chose some odds and ends, some  new products I hadn't even opened and some just because items.

woo hoo!  I've discovered a great way to finish my journal pages.   I may need two boxes to contain my joy!


Margaret said...

I enjoy seeing your journal pages; that way, I journal artistically through you! ;-) My journals are filled with words -- two-three pages almost every day, in Julia Cameron's style. I began my blog because I am a frustrated writer (though I've been published in a few places)...I admit it: I'm a 'word person' first...a paper arts person...4th...! ;-)

Createology said...

It is always great fun to find treasures right in our own rooms. Your journal pages look fabulous dear.

Beth said...

Great to see you back in the groove!

Jo Ferguson said...

Feeling joyful is a good way to feel and it shows in your pages.