Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eight outstanding oh's for October's end.

I'm glad to have captured this photo early in the week because things have gotten distinctly grey, cold and rainy.  The step is ready but the inside of the veranda is 'decorated' with produce, boots, garden tools, etc.  Much too chilly to attempt cosy!  lol 

one- don't reinvent the wheel
slow start Monday- I had a book!  After the requisite cleaning  I did find a web site that provided lesson plans for the book I'm using with the grand kiddies.  I was happy to pay the fee and get all the printables I'll need.  I like planning but it does take time and this will be better than figuring out how to do the same thing someone else has already figured out better!   Finding the monthly themed scrapbook pad was also a great bonus. :0

 two- just do it

 Tuesday I just made myself start messing with stuff right away and I got so into it I hated to stop!  Journal days are so much fun if you just go with the flow and live in the moment.  I must do that more mindfully.  And definitely with a few happening at the same time as multiples seem to work for me!  But I need to lose this greyness and get back to happy colours! 

three-  see what is there

When I put up the purple and gold shower curtain it reminded me that purple and gold were my fall theme colours.  I started gathering up my purples and there didn't seem to be lots.  I did break a lovely vase last year.  vbsigh  I was so busy thinking I hardly had noticed the two pictures that have been on the stair landing wall.  I'd walked past them for some time now and was not really seeing them.  I have been working on my seasonal theme for a few years and when I'm reminded and actually see, I can shop the house successfully!  (these pictures will preview in the kitchen reveal)  And this wall is gonna be my art wall.  I have an IDEA!!!

four-  visitors are good

Being empty nesters means I can spread my stuff out on the spare beds.  This is not such a good idea for a 'piler' like me.  I am always schlepping piles from one place to another when company shows up.  And when two or three piles avalanche together it is a pretty mess.  I am now at the place where this is no longer fun.  Reducing the stuff, colour coding and keeping stuff contained in its area is an ongoing project.   Gee I wish I had a great picture!  lol

five- idle hands are the devil's workshop
And I am starting to think he lives in the 'puter!  I'm not down on the computer but it can be a real time suck if I am 'idle'.  So, I need to get that handwork handy so the Rooster and I can sit together in the evenings.  :)  If he goes on the 'puter for his genealogy stuff I am within eye/earshot.  If he is down stairs I can grab my kit and join him.  Now to fine tune the readiness!  ;^)

six- a place for everything

I spent some money on hanging tabs for the stencils.  These will hang in the open craft closet and I can put them in some kind of order.  I've the smaller stencils and all the masks to deal with but things are in reduction mode! 

seven- stay at it

I also have found that if I have something, an audio teaching, I'll stay sewing until the session is finished.  :)

eight- routine is good but if there is no spontaneity in the day...  :(

The older I get the more I appreciate routines.  But it can be boring so I really welcome the unexpected.  Spontaneity is the spice in my life.  okay, Maybe I should look at it like routine keeps the craziness out of my distractability!  :)  This week has a bit too much in the way of changed plans but a visual reminder from Monday's post reminds me of what I am 'supposed' to be up too.  October has been kinda outstanding!!!  :)


Jo Vandermey said...

Great points! I have been slowly editing the stuff i have. Just finished the painting and flooring in our living room. Or at least my husband and son did!
Now it is time to unpack the things we packed away and edit. Then next is the kitchen painted and flooring.
It is kind of fun to have a clean slate.
Off to sew again.....

Jo Ferguson said...

Great post. I'll have to adapt the "ohs to live by" to my life.

Lynette said...

Oh my goodness!! I am completely drawn in by the studies hanging above your iron station in that bottom photo. So much loveliness and interest there. :)