Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mixed Media Multi tasking!

I have discovered the secret to success, at least for me.  I need to work in multiples.  :)

I started the day getting the grand kiddies smash books ready for them. 

 Those background pages don't work so I glued down better ones.

We'll see what they do with them.  We are not into scary/ugly so this is a summing up of October courtesy of Tia Laura's scrapbook paper overflow.  She gave me a Graphics 45 calendar 8X8 pad.  woo hoo!

But then I had some leftovers and I was fooling around when I began to think, what if...

I kept glancing at my hardboard picture which I wanted to 'fix up'.  The kids' colourway could work and so...   This is drying and isn't finished so I need to screw up my courage to press on as I kinda like it the way it is.  eek!  Does "do no harm" apply to art???

Then I had to work on the weekly palette challenge and when the stencil got all wet with colour I opened another journal to catch the over flow!  The stars weren't purple enough so I needed to spray.

The one on the top left is a future something or other and the bottom left is awaiting more inspiration!

But now I need to tear myself away because it is art 101 with the grand kiddies today over at their house. 


Margaret said...

Love those starry pages!

Jo Ferguson said...

Working in multiples has been very effective, for you. Love the results.

Createology said...

I admire how you create with wild abandon and make pages you like to work with. Great fun wih the Littles doing Art 101. Creative Bliss times four...

Beth said...

Love the stars!!