Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bonus post- Note to self!

The fall weather has continued to hold and we have been quite busy.  The laundry is barely drying but it isn't too bad working outside. 

We have postponed doing the last of the chickens.  The rooster and his flock are due to be moved to their winter quarters and are taking advantage of our busyness to invade the yard.  I hope most of my plants are dormant and that they don't eat too many of my volunteer seeds.  :(

The turkeys need a bit more time but if they don't stay off my front step it is going to be 'ready or not'!!!

 We have been working away on getting the shed back together.  It is now resting on the ground and the two sections are tied together.  phew

Stuff is already finding its way inside and the Rooster has us keeping a tidy site in case the weather changes.

The next urgency is to get the roof up and on.  The front door may not make it but we can fix up a temporary solution.  Next year will be the year of the doors.  :)

Now before we married the Rooster said that one day he would build me a house.  As we have been working together I have been recalling that promise.  Gee, wouldn't it be fun to build a new coop for us ol' birds!!!  He is looking slightly horrified.  As an incentive I promised him an air hammer.  Isn't that exciting???  He said it would be more exciting if it came with an operator.  I raised my eyebrows but he nixed that pretty quick.  lol  Perhaps I have been overly estimating my worth as his carpenter's helper!!!  ;^)    Note to self-  buy myself a proper apron!!!  


Createology said...

Elle ths is quite the interesting post. With your photos it is easy to see how much you and Mr. Rooster are getting done around the homestead. I am happy for you both. Fall seems to be less than stellar here. Stay safe with all that heavy work dear.

Beth said...

Glad to see things are "coming together"!!!

Jo Vandermey said...

You seem to juggle quite a few activities... Referring to your Saturday post.

We are in the middle of flooring and painting updates to our main level. Work has been slow do our many commitments, work and being able to do it when our son is available.

It never seems to take less time than planned. Lol


Jo Ferguson said...

Isn't it funny, how sheds seem to gather "stuff" even before their finished. Maybe you could make the perfect apron.