Saturday, November 7, 2015

Figuring it out

A good week!   The grey is being chased away by the white stuff.  This is good.  I like white and bright!   ;^)  Of course this is showing dark and rich.  What can I say- I'm a Gemini!!!  lol

The grand kiddies' smash books needed some fiddling with.  I cut all the calendars and got them all placed in the book.  Phew, we'd used up a few too many pages already.  :(   Then I realized I need to set some guidelines and limit the choices.  So going with the story of the three bears idea ...

1 focal point (papa)
2 friends (mama and baby)
3 chairs for them to sit on- coordinating shapes, colours, theme
4 words
5 fun pieces of something (for Goldilocks to look at as she strolls thru!)

And some of these can come from Art 101 where we can save doodles and add personal handwriting.

The kitchen remodel will continue through the winter but I can tweak the accessories and picture placement. The hutch was way too busy so I tried the new 5 thing plan on the shelves!  oye!  I'll tweak until the bears find Goldilocks!  lol

 I got a bit more purple into the kitchen.  I'm asking the Rooster to figure out how to hang my art on the side of the fridge.  He not entirely convinced it is a good idea. :(  Something about screwing into coils!  :O

I have sewed a round place mat for the lazy susan to sit on.  The lighter wood helps link the chairs to the table but the table needs a bit of warming up.  And that means I'm back at the sewing machine.  A bit of handwork started!  :)

The sitting room needs a new lap quilt and I will be starting a more modern square in a square quilt with- wait for it- purples! 

So that means pedal to the metal for the first one in the queue.

I awoke this morning with an idea for my fibre art piece which will again help the handwork ambitions.
Now for this. Can I hang stencils?   Might work!   But the work plans for today have all changed.  See what a sunny day does.  It inspires!  I suggested a new plan for the Rooster who needs some long johns for the winter.  We are off to the city for that 'one thing' I left behind at Michaels 'cause the coupon is burning a hole in my pocket.  Of course, goose bumps on chicken legs don't look so good either! 

Since the snow is showing up I need to finish up the fall decorating which means leaving the main floor and heading up the stairs to view the art wall!  :)  I'm kinda excited about next week!  Especially with the new gotta have from Michaels!!!  Ha, My Rooster's name is Michael!!!!!


Margaret said...

Magnets. Attach one to each corner of your piece (or even just the top corners) and then to the fridge...No nuts, bolts or screws required!

Createology said...

Magnets is my answer too. There are strong cup hooks that have magnet bases so you can hang your art from loops or what is appropriate. You are really on a roll with your decorating. I like the purple in the table topper. Creative Bliss Dear...

Vicki W said...

If magnets won't work maybe Command hooks would work. Love that you have art in the kitchen!

Jo Ferguson said...

I always enjoy seeing the creative way your decorate your home and of course, what you're working on.