Tuesday, November 3, 2015

In the chest

I didn't just strip.  I learned to chop!

I call this one my lemonade quilt and it is a popular summer quilt.  Again I used the cotton quilt batt.

This one is called Couples Only.  ;^)

Another part of the learning curve; and this one included experimenting with straight line quilting.  I really must confess that I am so over the whole heart motif!

When I made this one I had begun to understand that I like low contrast.  And I dared to try a six patch instead of the four patch.  I also learned that presewn patches have their limitations if one is looking for variety in each block.  I began to appreciate the process.

This lap quilt is most often found in the sitting room where it is part of the 'soothing the soul' experience.  :)  


Margaret said...

I confess I'm drawn more to your "choppy" quilt (top) than to your low-value/contrast pieces. That said, it's clear you've learned much from your quilting journey. :-) Keep calm, and quilt on!

Jo Ferguson said...

My favourite is the last quilt. The colours "soothe my soul".