Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Sampler box

I never thought I'd make another after that first sampler class but I didn't count on my new quilting buddies.  They were raring for more.

We began with four of us and as time went on we grew to seven with some coming and going in the middle.

Wouldn't it be a good idea if we all did our houses.  Four colorways so four blocks.  :O  I have to admit we learned so much because we always underestimated what we thought we knew!  LOL

By the time I got around to machine quilting it we had a few more members so I free motioned each ones name in the border.

Of course the new gals wanted to be part of something so we agreed to send a box of our chosen fabric around.  Each one made 3 different blocks! 

 I did  Windy Wendy,  an applique tulip and a pieced windmill.   I sent thirties fabrics around and when they all came back I was stumped on how to put them together. Mine are on the right and of course I contributed to the mish mash of colours!  So I decided to divide them into colourways- pink, green, blue.  I had to add blocks of course.  :(

This is the green one.  I went for a  masculine farm feel. 

 The grand kiddies sent me a picture of the more feminine pink/red one.   

But the blue one is in my UFO pile! .  I know NOW I could have done that a whole lot differently. yikes!

I think next we tackled a round robin.  Where angels fear to tread...

I learned lots about myself from this quilt.  To tie it all together as it had the look of a bulls eye, I appliqued something in every round and actually made our reveal deadline.  I didn't like it much at the time but it has wonderful memories now!  A keeper for sure.

My last sampler was from a virtual red hat group (20) that I joined through Yahoo.  The whole joining was my first attempt participating on line.  I almost missed the join as I wasn't 'getting' all the advice.  lol  But we went for a few years and decided to exchange blocks.  So again I appliqued away.  I was The Keeper of the Teapots!   I added the three blocks at the bottom for design sensibilities.    I LUV this setting and had to really fiddle to get it to work as I only had so much yardage.

I do really need my head examined!  But for the backing I decided to use up all the Red Hat fabric I had 'needed' for this project.  It was almost more labour intensive than the front!!!

Never say never, especially now that I am looking at these after the fact. :{  But I'm still not sure if it is my favourite style.


Nita said...

I'm making a blue & white sampler quilt, too! Every month when I make my bee blocks, I make an extra one in blue for the quilt. It will be a gift for my brother.

Vicki W said...

I don't love samplers either but I have 2 in the works! lol!

primrosesattic said...

Beautiful quilts. I have never made one. But must have a go maybe next year.

Jo Ferguson said...

What an array of beautiful quilts.