Saturday, November 21, 2015

When will I ever learn???

Thursday morning dawned to winter's arrival.  I am a Pegger, ie from Winnipeg.  We  don't let winter interfere too much with  our plans.  So...

I made it as far as the library in town.  I phoned the grand kiddies and said life was too short for the white knuckle run on icy roads.  :(  I selected a couple of movies as well as the book they had brought in for me.  I did an ice turn at the Dollar Store and scooted back home.  Snow Day!

The craziness of the world isn't so easily shut out.   I didn't have my 3 Sunshine's to make colourful art with so...

I scattered encouraging words on all the stair risers.  Amazing what you can find at the Dollar Store when no one else is in the store because of a blizzard and you are fortifying yourself for the ride home.  lol   I go up and down these stairs dozens of times a day.  Each step lifts me up.

The chair turned out not too bad.  While it was drying I decided to 'clean up' the print letter trays. ack!  Too much cleaning.  They are now two different colours because I washed all the varnish off of one.  :(  The darker one was put under weights to reduce warping!  :(   The lighter got a coat of wax when I waxed the chalk paint on the chair.  That was a pile of work but after scraping off all the varnish I figured.... :-{   I KNEW I should just damp cloth them but oh, no.  Mrs. Clean!!! 

I just put things in to see but I need more secure holders.  yoo hoo!  Rooster!!!  And then, vbsigh, if you upgrade one thing then you see what else needs upgrading.  I need to consider wall paint now as I can't hide all my previous nail holes pits!  ;^)

This is the darker one and since I have temporarily moved the black and white canvases I can put the other letter tray in their spot.  I'm still deciding whether to wax this one or not.   :}

I have a bit more room in the closet and the smaller stencils will hang on the edge of one section.  I do need to figure the best way to store the masks-  probably clear page protectors. :) 

But my grand kiddies will be arriving this evening and we shall have a few days to mess up the art room.   Stand by for full colour next week!

BUT- Next time I get the urge to clean I'm gonna run up and down the stairs a few times.  LOL


Beth said...

Holy Cow! Not only have you got it done already but it looks FAB!

primrosesattic said...

Your stairs look great Love the words.

Margaret said...

I agree about the stairs. Makes me wish I had some. :-) Actually, I have a few to get down off the back stoop, and as the outdoor carpet (installed by prior owners, not me!) needs removal/replacing next spring, perhaps I will paint them rainbow colours and add some script! Like your chair too but...hate to play Devil's Advocate...Is the cushion going to be recovered? On screen that pretty print gets lost against the background of the chair. (Hope I haven't opened a can of worms...) Hugs!

P.S. Our snow is due Monday. 15 cm., at least.

Nita said...

Good call on the icy roads. Looks like you made good use of the snow day! Love the stairs!

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm a big fan of decorating with words so I absolutely love the steps. Your hard work is paying off. I even feel the slightest tinge of inspiration to do the same in my home.......oh wait, it