Saturday, November 28, 2015

Was your Friday Black?

I must confess to a bit of shopping this week and I did end up going to the city again on Friday so I stopped by Artist's Emporium which was having a big sale.  I did WELL!  I got some fun things for the grand kiddies and me to try on our artist dates.  Better watercolour pencils for all!  And a super colouring book with tear out pages on great paper.

The home decor is up on my radar as fall falls behind and the whites of winter snuggle in.  I'm so excited about my new style book as the quiz on style caused me to slap my ahead- of course!!!  No major changes to my plan but definitely a better focus and better tweaking! 

I am feeling the itch to sew real bad.  A lovely visit with my friend Elizabeth at Sew Inspiring  inspired me even more.  I'm impatiently awaiting the new ruler foot for domestic Bernina machines and she gave me a great tip for making the rulers nonskid.  Those net liners Ikea sells for under rugs work remarkably well when cut to the shape of the ruler and adhered with a bit of super glue.  They do NOT budge!

The new Quilt Improv book made me go looking for some fabric and I do have an online order coming from Fabric Spot, a Canadian company.  Boring backgrounds and fillers but with the modern look.  :)  Something to look forward to.  We do keep the holiday buying down to just above Scrooge level so this is my own prezzie! :)  And I never could wait for the big day and was/am an inveterate seeker and searcher of all things hidden.  Now I just wait for the mail! LOL

Can't wait to get Monday's plan going as it is clear and bright and white here at the coop.  Time to snuggle up with winter's calmer pace!

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Jo Ferguson said...

Wonderful additions to your stash.