Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday's aWay day!

An artist play date
We do include warm up exercises and some  art theory.  I don't mind mess.  It is a necessary part of creativity.  But I do have a hard time with no structure and the ensuing chaos.

The smash books are my busiest time as these have a bit of planning and 'show me your story BEFORE you glue' makes for some craziness.  ;^)


As the day progresses I try to relinquish control.  I avoid mud by insisting on either warm colours or cool.  But what we get is what we get.    Hopefully everything dries out overnight.

But they are keeners and assign their own homework!

In order to be well rounded individuals they have a evening date with the Rooster and The Rifleman!  ;^)

Learning to add depth with dark shapes.  Kinda ugly but it does allow for creative expression.  :/

Layers include stencils, stamps and deli paper.  I limited the colour to black and the number of stencils and stamps and in the end they did some trading anyways. lol

I confess I did a bit of touching up on the deli paper when they went off for the recess/chore break. shh!

The chickens are settling in to their winter home but the change always disrupts egg production.  Only two today!

 Hmm.  In the flurry of after break creativity I neglected to use the camera but we applied a wash of colour with watered down acrylic to kinda tone everything down and pull it all together. 

Then we cut pictures for our focal points.  Jolina and I used an old calendar and got some nice images and words.  Eliana had used my Tombow markers to colour a fairy we printed out.  I insisted it be cut out and she was dismayed at the loss of some stars and 'curtains'.  I assured her we could make this work.  I'm more concerned with the harsh colours. :O  Josh persists with his obsession about the Titanic.  We printed out a picture that satisfied us both.  (I'm not really into ship disasters.)  :O  Softening the paper edge was a challenge.

And there they rest while I dreamed of solutions to make some wall art that their mother will be delighted to showcase on her walls.  lol

To be continued...


Createology said...

Hello Elle Dear. I have missed your blog and antics. This is such a wonderful post to see how you and your adorable Littles create such art and interact in every day life. They are growing fast. I love your stairs and inspirational words you added to the risers. May you always enjoy your family and share so much together. Blessings my friend...

Beth said...

Quite a full day. My hat is off to you, Elle.

Jo Ferguson said...

I wish I lived next door to you when I was a child. What an amazing and fun day. Thanks for giving them the chance to explore their creativity.